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baltic autumn is so relaxing

Things to enjoy in autumn
Things to note about the baltic autumn
The colors of the trees, incredible variety of the mushrooms, cranberries and wild roots.
Also rich, fresh and often ecological crop of autumn veggies ( beetroots, cabbages, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins) as well as fruits (apples, pears and plumps).
Fishing season is still very alive. Apart the fish – amber catching season starts.
Being colorful and full of goods in October calls to enjoy the mushroom and berries picking, birds migration and great hikes with colorful views. It's still enough of daylight to explore till 6pm. All you need is the waterproof boots. In November nature and gives us time to inner self. However time in the forest around the fire could give a great time.
Low season: October seems to be an extension of the high touristic season. However the big touristic groups will be exchanged by friends' groups coming for the long week-ends. Autumn travelers prefer the cities, aim to taste local beer and food to try local pubs and clubs.
Best accessibility: we would not recommend some of natural trails and paths.
Public transport in more remote touristic areas might be cut off till May.
Happy on Wheels: there might be some snow, sleet and quite much rain in November.
City: Life will change after switching to daylight saving time. Dark evenings will call people to the cultural events, bars, restaurants or will keep cozy at home.Go to the cultural events (theater, opera, concerts), go to see basketball match alive or in pub, do some workout. On the weekends make friends lunch for homemade cepelinai or kugelis, enjoy sauna afterwards.
Countryside: The weather is still pleasing in October. On the weekends locals will not miss a chance to visit the summer house for the season closing works. Others would hang out to the national or city's parks.
All Saints and All Souls' day (Velines) – very alive and unique tradition when everyone goes to light a candle on the graves of the closest people who passed away.
Vilnius Jazz and Vilnius MamaJazz festivals.
Time for the warm winter jacket day or night in October (8–16°C) and in November (0–10°C).
The temperature at night does not differ much from the day, roughly – few degrees less. Better be prepared for the rain, sleet and even snow in November. However it's not a white season yet.
Wild Autumn Treasures
september to October
Picking mushroom is a cultural tradition in the Baltic states. On the high autumn season offers 400 edible varieties, out of which we mainly use 30. Apart from boletus or chanterelle discover new tastes such as the safran sirmik, the morel and other. We would even challenge you tasting a lichen.
Year round
Bream, perch, pike-perch, roach, zanthe, Baltic herring,
ice-fishing, during which one catches burbots (Lota lota) and smelts (Osmerus eperlanus). At the Baltic Sea, out of the ships, amateur fishermen catch flatfish, Baltic herring, cod, and halibut.
October to march
The best time for amber fishing comes after the storm. This is when the amber hunter grab the special tool, the waterproof clothes and goes to the sea.
For those who prefer more less extreme hunting we recommend amber picking in the sea weeds washed out on the shores.
SEPTEMBER to spring
Rich in vitamin E, copper and manganese. Picking it could be a great fun for the adventure hunters, as we need to get to the swamps or other humid places. Cranberry is exceptional for being able to stay fresh throughout the winter kept at home or in the wild nature under the snow.
Sea buckthorn
SEPTEMBER to spring
The berry is still relatively new in the modern food industry. The most popular products are jams, juices, tea and oil. All manufactured products have health benefits. More and more food supplements and medications include of the berries or their oils, so we can conclude that it is really useful.

- lower prices, less tourists

- days are long, much light

- nature is alive and blooming

- active cultural life in the cities

- good season to discover locals' daily life and habits

- best time for birds and migration tracking

- unique time to try fresh birch sap and wild herbs

- authentic tradition: Easter celebration


- less touristic outdoor activities

- some sites could be closed, less transport

- temperature is unstable (0-20 °C)

- weather is unpredictable

- outdoor activities are less comfortable

- less of natural goods

- some of a intercity transport lines are taken off

I want to avoid big crowds and to safe on my travel budget
I want to experience All Souls' day with locals
I am not afraid of cooler weather, the rain and even some snow
I want to try natural tourism adventures in any weather conditions
I am interested in the city tours combined with indoor activities
I am interested in mushroom hunting and berries picking
I am interested in traditional food and crafting workshops
I would like to see more of natural day to day life of locals

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Autumn Highlights Calendar
Main season in the theaters' and concerts' halls
National Drama Theater, Opera & Ballet House, National Philharmonic and other great performances in the big cities
See the fog covering the lakes at night and in the mornings. The intense moving of the fog gives an impression of "boiling lake".
closing season
closing season
opening season
closing season
16th-20th of October
16th-20th of October
International Vilnius Jazz festival
1-2 of November
7th-9th of November
7th-9th of November
Baltic foods and drinks exposition
16th-17th of November
16th-17th of November
GameOn Video Culture Con, Vilnius
GameOn invites you to celebrate gaming culture together
16th-17th of November
16th-17th of November
International Vilnius Jazz festival
22th-23th of November
22th-23th of November
International conference about the leadership
30th of November
30th of November
What can be more beautiful than a Christmas fairy tale along the narrow streets of Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda or else where... Enjoy the festive atmosphere and magical mood all month long. See the most impressive Christmas trees in Europe.
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