My favorite "taste&enjoy" spots in Vilnius
by Egle Gal

Something I like simply as a local and professionally as a guide. Places where we like to go with our friends and guests. Feel them yourself and let us know how you liked them ;)

❤️ EG’s most beloved places for coffee, snacks and those good sweet moments:

· HURACAN (Vokieciu st) $$$

· DZIUGAS – next to Filharmonia or Vilnius st. for the best Napaleon cake with cheese and other pastry, chocolate and even ice- cream with locally made cheese! $$

· PINAVIJA — familly bakery is probably the most cozy place in Vilnius. French style in LT way :) The best cakes and kibinai. $$$$

· FIORENTINO for the best inner yard in summer and some italiano kind moments. It is a good Italian restaurant as well $$$

· PILIES KEPYKLELE (Pilies 19) — home made creps and other sweets $$$

· LIU (Uzupio 20) — amazing deserts and coffee $$$

· FIONOS CUKRAINE (Pilies 7) — home made ice-cream $$$


CHAIKA — (Totoriu 7 & Pylimo 21B) locals would describe it as very vegan, very cosy, and very instagrammable spot on the tiny Old Town street. Good luck in picking from the long got drinks list and trying to match it with one of plant based milk Chaika can suggest. We love their gluten and dairy free cakes and sandwiches . Must visit for the soviet style hunters even if you are anti-vegan $$$

❤️ Vegetarian & vegan food:

more of vego friendly on:

· VEGAFÉ (Totoriu 3) — very good quality $$

· ROSEHIP (Radvilaites 7 and Pylimo 22D) – we love it! $$

· Locals beloved vegetarian family pizzeria CASSA LA FAMILLIA (Rudninku 16). $$

· Locals beloved PIZZALAND (Traku 4). Open till LATE Fiday-Saturday $$

· ZATAR (Vokieciu st) – falafels, hummus and some raw sweets $$

· RADHARANE (Gedimino 32) is good and cheaper $$

· BALTI DRAMBLIAI (Vilnius st) – if you need to eat late at Friday night $$

· DOWNTOWN FOOD HALL (Smetonos 5)— yummy place, amazing attitude to the food and the client. Next to the station $$

❤️ Traditional restaurants:

· cheap student style but good for food and local beer - ŠNEKUTIS they have 3 spots in Vilnius. I recommend Stepono st. as authentic one and Mikalojaus for good beer selection $$

· pop tourism – FORTO DVARAS. Not my type, but close to home $$

· BEER HOUSE good food and beer beloved by locals $$$

· my beloved SENOJI TROBELE (authentic ambiance, really good food...). The owner gives special attention to my friends $$$

· SWEET ROOT (local seasonal food) high class and modern - more for discovering than getting full. Could be nice for special occasion $$$$

· If you visit TRAKAI, we love KIUBETE for traditional Karaites food $$

* We don't recommend Amatininkai.

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