When is the best time of the year to visit Lithuania in 2023?

by Egle Gal
Would you regret slightly challenging adventures expanding yourself? Most of the tourist prefers visiting Lithuania from July to August. Is it the best time? In general – yes, summer is a queen of the year. The temperature stands 20-35 day time, round 15 at night. The landscape is relaxing green, clear blue sky fills up by bulky clouds and surprises by picturesque sunsets. Baltic cities slow down and get empty of transport. Another quality of life last for few months.
"I love summer, however I consider myself an ambassador of the off season. My personal managing experience illustrates how few professional tips can help a creative and openminded tourist to enjoy the greatest traveling moments in any off-season month from October to March. I am sure that middle spring moments with unpredictable vitality will award nature lovers, where as middle autumn months offers great colors, natural goods and peace. Winter is a festive and cultural life season.

The Best Time of the Year to Visit Lithuania According to the Experts

"As a Baltic travel professional I totally agree that summer months are more attractive, however, it October or March could be the best time for the travelers seeking amber storms, willing to see migration of million birds, to enjoy mushroom picking. Our mission is to help discovering the hidden fragile beauty behind the popular conception summer or winter, even if it could require a small mindset shift. "


Independent guide, sustainable travel manager, founder of My Baltic Way

Travel price do not necessarily correspond the quality. Many travelers know -- creative solutions pays off with fun, luxury -- with comfort alone.
Saving options are easier to find once a traveler knows what is he seeking for and what is his traveling style.
However the biggest price difference is reflecting on accommodation and a private transport.
High or middle luxury seekers will hardy notice a price difference, however adventurous travelers could save on creative solutions. For instance, a basic comfort tree house in a forest is more comfortable during summer than an luxury house in autumn gloom. When summer is comfortable itself, nights are short, simple sleep-over spot after long day of exploring could be just fine. Meanwhile in cold season people mostly prefer cozy well heated shelter preferably with sauna or jacuzzi, what affects the budget.
Accommodation: city, summer resorts or high class services elsewhere rises up from May to September. Rural accommodation is slightly higher in summer because of demand, but not much cheaper in winter because of heating expenses.

What is the Climate in Lithuania

Spring: What can be more unstable than a spring! Day temperature 5-20°C; at night – 3-10°C.

Important to mind that spring weather is unpredictable and likes surprises: from wind to rain, from the hot sun to light snow even. Some ice could stay on the water.

Summer: In June the temperature allows to enjoy outdoors (18-25 °C) but the nights are still chill. It becomes warmer in July, August (18-30°C). temperature at night allows comfortable camping, swimming in the sea or lakes. September stays comfortable enough for the outdoor activities and sometimes even pleases us by the very hot days (18-30°C).

The weather is the most reliable and the least of rain is expected the second part of the summer.

Autumn: Time for the warm winter jacket day or night in October (8–16°C) and in November (0–10°C). The temperature at night does not differ much from the day, roughly – few degrees less. Better be prepared for the rain, sleet and even snow in November. However it's not a white season yet.

Winter: Time for the warmest clothes and best boots December, January and February are true winter months. March is expected to be warmer, but it happens to have snow or sleet.

February is the coolest month with the biggest chance of snow. The last previous winters were generous with snow, thick ice and frost. However with the climate change we do not have the guarantee of the white baltic winters as it used to be.

Festivals and Holidays in Lithuania

In the baltic traditional events you might meet people celebrating essential changes of the nature (Summer/Winter Solstice, Spring or Autumn Equinox), important historical dates, calendar holidays (Easter, Christmas, All Saints, Mardi Gras) and most of all celebrations dedicated for folk tradition (trade fairs, Songs and Dance Festivals etc.).
Be sure, the baltic nations know presenting their traditions in authentic way combined with modern attitude.

Least Busy Time to Visit Lithuania

October to May are the least busy months. There will be a couple of foreigner tourists' groups on the streets and few other travelers. You will probably meet local schoolchildren groups. We could consider May as a slow start of touristic season.
October seems to be an extension of the high touristic season. However the big touristic groups will be exchanged by friends' groups coming for the long week-ends. Autumn travelers prefer the cities, aim to taste local beer and food to try local pubs and clubs.


How Many Days to Spend in Lithuania


Is it Safe to Visit Lithuania

Lithuania among other EU countries according to the crime rate.

One of the reasons that insures the tourist and teh locals is trusting the Police. Lithuanians have experienced remarkable increase of Trusting the police since ten years. People feel as they can trust the officers in danger or when a small help is needed. Most of the officers are able to speak english, so they can help foreigners as well.

Lithuanian cities used to have one or few "red tag" dangerous districts. However, many of those districts had changed for good and safe. For being more relaxed, we recommend consulting your guide or local friend to provide you with the list of "heads up" places in each particular town.

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