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Ain't no distances far enough for the Baltics birds

The new technologies can track birds so precisely, that we know the speed of the flight, the destinations, the length of a trip etc. But there are few big questions not answered yet. Why do the birds migrate? How they choose their destination and departure moment?

Meeting Wild Birds
What is so special about the birds migration?
Being situated on the „Baltic Flyway" Couronian villages and lagoon might count till few millions of the birds pass above every migration season. The „Baltic Flyway" is a birds migration way passing all the Baltic states, however Lithuania is the narrowest point where the bird watchers get the most of a luck approaching the natural birds life.
Officially there are 375 species of the birds ever noticed in Lithuania and 218 of it bread in the country. 160 of all the species passes winter in Lithuania.
The 10th of March is noted as the migrating birds day, meanwhile in Lithuanian folk calendar there are about 40 days dedicated to various birds. Most of them are in March and August.
One of the oldest and the most active ornithology station of Europe is based in Ventes Cape on Lithuanian seaside coast.
All the birds are beloved by locals, however the Storks and Swallows are highly respected. As they live in human farms, Lithuanians for any price would avoid doing harm for them or their net.
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