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Vilnius 700th anniversary

All year long
Vilnius is celebrating its 700th anniversary in 2023 giving us all a great opportunity to enjoy the potpourri of events. A year full of exclusive performances, art, music and entertainment awaits. Vilnius is already celebrating.
As the historical birthday has also been included in UNESCO’s 67 most noteworthy anniversaries of 2022-2023, the preparations for the grand date are set to take all year round and will include a number of cultural, educational, art events, and many more.
Floods in Nemunas Delta
Floods of Nemunas Delta region starts when the largest Lithuanian river Nemunas overflows from coast. Flood submerges about 50 km of roads. Spring floods are typical only for this region. Flood in Šilutė region usually submerges about 14 000 hectares of territory.
Though spring floods are a trivial round for local residents, it is a great chance to discover the unique lifestyle of people, who are attached to the homeland.
Spring Equinox
20th March
The astrologic spring starts the 20th of March. The moment of the year when the length of day and night is nearly equal in all parts of the world. For the Baltic people however that is the beginning of the warm season filled with daylight.
Birds Migration season
Nemunas Delta is the third delta in Europe according to the number of the amount of migrating and breeding birds.
Come to see the spectacular view of millions of the birds passing buy each day over the Baltics.
Biggest Events On The Way
The Lithuania's Centenary Song Celebration 2024
imagine what a choir of 20 000 sounds like or what the ornaments traced by 9 000 dancers in a single stadium look like. Is it possible to fit the whole country with its ethnic variety inside the territory of a city park? Meet thousands of villages, towns, dialects, olds songs, dances, arts, foods and other traditions alive in Vilnius.
Let's sing together!
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