My favorite "taste&enjoy" places in Vilnius
by Egle Galubaviciute

*Please mind that some places could be closed issue to pandemic situation

Something I like simply as a local and professionally as a guide. Places where we like to go with our friends and guests. Feel them yourself and let us know how you liked them ;)

❤️ Egle’s most beloved places for coffee, snacks and those good sweet moments:

· HURACAN (Vokieciu st) $$$

· DZIUGAS – next to Filharmonia or Vilnius st. for the best Napaleon cake with cheese and other pastry, chocolate and even ice- cream with locally made cheese! $$

· PINAVIJA — familly bakery is probably the most cozy place in Vilnius. French style in LT way :) The best cakes and kibinai. $$$$

· FIORENTINO for the best inner yard in summer and some italiano kind moments. It is a good Italian restaurant as well $$$

· PILIES KEPYKLELE (Pilies 19) — home made creps and other sweets $$$

· LIU (Uzupio 20) — amazing deserts and coffee $$$

· FIONOS CUKRAINE (Pilies 7) — home made ice-cream $$$


NAMAI BE GLIUTENO — (Sv Mykolo 14) $$

CHAIKA — (Totoriu 7 & Pylimo 21B) absolutely yes! $$

❤️ Vegetarian & vegan food:

more of vego friendly on:

· VEGAFÉ (Totoriu 3) — very good quality $$

· ROSEHIP (Radvilaites 7 and Pylimo 22D) – we love it! $$

· Locals beloved vegetarian family pizzeria CASSA LA FAMILLIA (Rudninku 16). $$

· Locals beloved PIZZALAND (Traku 4). Open till LATE Fiday-Saturday $$

· ZATAR (Vokieciu st) – falafels, hummus and some raw sweets $$

· RADHARANE (Gedimino 32) is good and cheaper $$

· BALTI DRAMBLIAI (Vilnius st) – if you need to eat late at Friday night $$

· DOWNTOWN FOOD HALL (Smetonos 5)— yummy place, amazing attitude to the food and the client. Next to the station $$

❤️ Traditional restaurants:

· cheap student style but good for food and local beer - ŠNEKUTIS they have 3 spots in Vilnius. I recommend Stepono st. as authentic one and Mikalojaus for good beer selection $$

· pop tourism – FORTO DVARAS. Not my type, but close to home $$

· BEER HOUSE good food and beer beloved by locals $$$

· my beloved SENOJI TROBELE (authentic ambiance, really good food...). The owner gives special attention to my friends $$$

· SWEET ROOT (local seasonal food) high class and modern - more for discovering than getting full. Could be nice for special occasion $$$$

· If you visit TRAKAI, we love KIUBETE for traditional Karaites food $$

* We don't recommend Amatininkai.

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