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Ain't no mountains high enough in the Baltics

That is why summer or winter you can hike all over the country without any special preparation. Get throughout the natural forests, hit the hills, pass over the lakes, rivers, on the swamps, frozen waters, sand dunes and cross the hanging bridges.

Hikes into the wild
Why Hiking in the Baltics?
There are 200 hiking trails Lithuania, 82 in Estonia and 100 in Latvia to hit. We count over 30 panoramic towers to climb in each country.
The Baltic Coastal Hiking trail is a long distance hiking route, along the Baltic Sea coast that starts at the Lithuanian-Latvian border in the village of Nida in Latvia and finishes at the port of Tallinn in Estonia. The total length of the route is 1200 km, of which 580 km are in the territory of Latvia and 620 km in the territory of Estonia.
Over 30% of the landscape is covered by forests. Most of them are natural. 10% of the forests are protected.
There are 5 national parks in Lithuania, 4 in Latvia and 6 in Estonia which makes hiking a very special experience in astonishing and protected nature.
Baltic lands are very generous – combine hiking with berries picking, swimming, mushroom hunting and other.
Adventures addicted? Try hiking on the swamps, frozen lakes or sand dunes.
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