we are proud of kaunas
the European Capital of Culture

Kaunas and Kaunas District to Become one big European stage in 2022

It has been twelve years since a Lithuanian city was the European Capital of Culture. Around 40 festivals, more than 60 exhibitions, more than 250 stage events, and more than concerts will occur in Kaunas and Kaunas District in 2022.

Kaunas and Kaunas District have been getting ready for the most crucial cultural title of the continent for five years now – it can be said the international project has already proven to be a success. The change has taken place; the city, together with smaller towns surrounding it and the communities that make up the body and soul of Kaunas, have all activated themselves. The celebration of the uprising and creating the new history of Contemporary Capital are the key topics for 2022.

  • Marina Abramović’s exhibition “Memory of Being”

    Until 30 July

    One of the most anticipated art events in Kaunas and all of Lithuania is the exhibition “Memory of Being” by Marina Abramović, one of the most famous performance artists in the world, which is to be presented for the first time. The exhibition offers a detailed presentation of the works by Abramović from the 1960s to recent years; the exhibition also draws attention in a unique form – for the first time it is prepared as an impressive video installation from selected documentaries and films of the artist’s performances.
  • The great event of the year: CONFLUENCE. Act 2 of the Trilogy

    20-22th May
    “Confluence” is the second major event of the “Trilogy of Contemporary Myth of Kaunas”, which will once again fill the entire city. For the Birthday of Kaunas – in one of the most impressive places in Lithuania – at the confluence of Kaunas – we invite the visitors to resolve their internal contradictions and celebrate unity. At sunset, the city celebrating its birthday will be greeted by a performance on the water of an unprecedented scale in Lithuania, and for the rest of the weekend, the audience and guests of the city will be amazed by the performances of acrobats, contemporary circus performances, the introductory events of the international puppet theatre festival “Kaunas Puppet 22”, the initiatives “Let’s celebrate the River” will invite visitors to the river bank, musical picnics to the settlements of Kaunas and Kaunas district located by the rivers. Get ready everyone – days full of events are awaiting.
    3rd JUNE-28th August
    The summer music fiesta will be filled with 43 different programmes. Hosted by the traditional concert spaces in Kaunas and Kaunas region, The sounds of the events will also reach the churches and the unusual spaces beloved by the listeners where the original unforgettable aura is given to the concerts.
  • Operetta in Kaunas Castle
    6th of July

    Unique musical event in the open that attracts audiences with various tastes. Light music, full of fun and optimism, wonderful costumes and decorations, and the performers' professionalism have boosted the popularity. The Festival takes place on July 6 and is an outstanding highlight of the day. This event includes not only popular fragments of musicals and operettas, but also some new pieces, never heard before, are performed by singers and musicians from Lithuania and other countries.

  • Carillion Festival, Vilnius
    8th of July – 5th of August
    The largest carillon in Central Europe, with 61 bells in the tower of the Church of St. Apostles Philip and Jacob in Vilnius, plays a new tune during this annual festival. Plus, professional carillonists from around the world put on free shows
  • Kaunas ConTempo modern stage art festival
    1th-21th of August
    Started from a three-day festival in 2019, reached six days of events in 2020 and grew to a ten-day edition in 2021. Organized yearly in August in Kaunas and Kaunas district, this year the festival promises its most stunning celebration of the festival’s history.
    Recently, Heritas – an International Fair-Festival of Cultural Heritage Conservation and Technologies has taken place for the second time in Vilnius / Lithuania. During the 2019 edition, the fair gathered more than 50 exhibitors; 25 lectures and 30 thematic workshops took place. In total, more than 15,000 heritage professionals and heritage lovers – a lot of them children – visited the event.
  • AURA 2022
    30th September – 4th October
    The festival was born in Kaunas and became the town's meaningful tradition that encourages popularity of contemporary dance and enriches cultural life of Lithuania. Introducing the newest trends in contemporary dance and inviting to accept challenges this festival is educating the audiences and develops the understanding of contemporary dance.
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