My Kaunastic "taste&enjoy" spots in Kaunas
by Egle Gal

Few Kaunastic EG's spots to feel as a local or beloved guest in town.

Hope you will have a chance to discover the best of Kaunas and feel the true taste of this iconic Lithuania's city.


  • SPURGINĖ (Liberty av. 84) – an legendary donut place opened since nearly four decades. Must see and taste for donut lovers and soviet spirit hunters. Make sure you have time to stand the line of people to get a treat there $
  • CH CHOCOLATERIE (Rotuses sq. 26) — spot for crepes, croissant and chocolate based sweets! My favorite as treat – chilli nougat filled chocolate. Apart the deserts and food menu I choose this place for the ambience filled with historical spirit – these red brick walls help me to imagine, how the interiors of rich citizens of Kaunas looked like ages ago. $$$
  • CHAIKA (M. Daukšos st. 27) (M. Daukšos st. 27) Locals would describe it as very vegan, very cosy, and very instagrammable spot on the tiny Old Town street. Good luck with picking from the long got drinks list and trying to match it with one of plant based milk Chaika can suggest. We love their gluten and dairy free cakes and sandwiches . Must visit for the soviet style hunters even if you are anti-vegan $$$ ????
  • MOTIEJAUS KEPYKLĖLĖ (Vilniaus st. 7) — family bakery based in the unique historical building. One of the most spot for a cinnamon roll in Kaunas Old Town $$$

❤️ Vegetarian & vegan food:

(more of vegan friendly on: AUGALYBE.LT)

  • MOKSHA (Vasario 16-osios st. 6) Binish Kuruvilla came to Lithuania from Kerala, India. Now he cooks for Kaunastic city and it's guests. We like how colorful food is here from veggies to fish, from smoothies to juice, from Indian to Thai recipes $$$ ????

  • ŽALIA PUPA (Liberty av. 78) The smiling staff seems to know everyone that gathers here to eat lentil stews, pakoras, koftas and other (primarily vegetarian, but there are vegan options) healthy dishes for lunch. Queuing in this tiny spot on Laisvės alėja isn’t rare, as well as taking out $ ????

  • ARBATINE (Liberty av. The vegan spot (literally 'tearoom of Hope Pharmacy') next to the modernist Central Post Office will be celebrating its 25th birthday in 2022! Some recipes here look like they’re taken straight from your grandmother’s notebooks, and it would be a shame not to praise the authentic historic interior of the pharmacy $ ????

  • RADHARANE (Liberty av. 40 / Dauksos 38) good quality and not expensive food made with love, we like this place for it's Dalas soup, Bengali stew, Kofta, Pakora and lovely sweets $$ ????

❤️ Traditional restaurants:

BERNELIŲ UŽEIGA (Valančiaus st.

VIŠTA PUODE (HEN IN POT) (Daukanto st. 23)

Three spaces are waiting for guests: a living room for an early breakfast, a tavern and a restaurant. It’s all Kaunas could ever need; and Lithuania too! Old recipes fit perfectly into a menu of the 21st century.



*Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free friendly places

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