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Pick Your Midsummer Festival 2023

We propose to celebrate Summer Solstice Day (Jonines) 2023 in Lithuania

Book tour with us and let's celebrate together as locals!
23rd June
Jonines in Kernavė
TOUR VALUE: We invite you to celebrate St Jonas Night in Kernave, the capital of traditional midsummer celebration. Together with our local guide My Baltic Way group will join the main feast on the hills near the Neris River.
You will celebrate just as it was ages ago: people gather on the hills, decorate their heads with flower garlands, share food, sing and dance around the bonfire all night long. Most of all - with help of your guide you will discover the magical meaning of rites and the magic of the group gathering the shortest night of the year.
The traditional goods fair is open all day long to add more charm and comfort to the participants.

DURATION: 18h-24h
TOUR INCLUDES: local guide, traditional picnic, introduction tour, traditional rites (songs, dances, flower wreath workshop).
ON REQUEST: transport, accommodation, tour in private, extra services.

PRICE: from 90Є
21st to 23rd June
Rasos in Vilnius
TOUR VALUE: Rasos is another name to Lithuanian Summer Solstice among the authentic rituals admirers. Some of them meet in the capital Vilnius to held the celebration in the most authentic way.
If you have limited time and do not want to loose yourself in the prolonged celebrations, Jonines in Vilnius might be a great solution to you (with an option to celebrate as long as you want).
Only fifteen minutes is needed to reach midsummer feast site from the city center. Meet your guide and get few magical hours of the shortest night in one of Vilnius natural park.
We propose to get introduced with Sutartines song, ritual dances and great locals' stories enjoying a traditional basket lunch.
Vilnius could be a great spot to celebrate Jonines with locals!
TOUR INCLUDES: local guide, traditional basket lunch, introduction tour, traditional rites (songs, dances).
ON REQUEST: transport, accommodation, tour in private, extra services.

PRICE: from 70Є
23rd June
Jonines in Palanga
TOUR VALUE: Let's meet and celebrate Summer Solstice with locals in Palanga, at the Baltic sea. Together with local guide our group will join the main feast to experience the magic of the shortest night.
It's a great combination of enjoying three things at once: the Baltic sea, small seaside town Palanga and the authentic Baltic midsummer traditions. We propose you these activities: ritualistic herb collection, the flower garland making, fortunetelling rituals, Sutartines song, dance around the bonfire and a traditional basket lunch shared with others.
Our local guide will introduce you with the magical shortest night rituals. Let's uncover the beauty and the meaning of it.

DURATION: 18h-24h
TOUR INCLUDES: local guide, traditional basket lunch, introduction tour, traditional rites (songs, dances, flower wreath workshop).
ON REQUEST: transport, accommodation, tour in private, extra services.

PRICE: from 90Є
Give me adventures and no one get's hurt.
The deep forts or the highest tree tops. Ain't no deep caves i the Baltics, but the depths of the forts are breath taking, ain't no mountains high enough, but the sky panoramas are incredible. Are you ready to take a baltic challenge?
Choose your way of "doing nothing"
    all year round
    The family hold accommodation where only local natural goods become your daily food and healing therapy. Let us introduce you to the loving heart and experienced hands which can propose you selected herbs tea, bath, massage and other therapies.
    on request
    Dozens of natural retreats, camps and lectures take place in the Baltics each year. Most of them are leaded by international teachers and are available in English. Switch off the 5th gare, enrich your body and spirit by silence or wisdom far away from the cities.
    may to septembe
    Simply grab a tenbt or a camper-van, choose the best camping site and enjoy getting into the wild.
    Baltics will offer you thousands of wild, private or public camp sites providing essential equipment or letting you feel totally wild beauty.
    all year round
    Wild flowers, herbs and wild fruits picking is much more than food and active leisure, it's a treat. Bating in the lake, forest river or a sea – is much more than sport and refresh, it a healing procedure. Walking in the forest is a uplifting procedure. Spectating birds and wild animals is a therapy.
    We confess by our experience – nature is treating.
    all year round
    From the ancient days baltic people widely used trees in the daly life. We know, that each sort has different value and features. We know that different power is present in the oak or linden, in the birch or spruce. Spend some time surrounded by trees, touch it and feel –trees can be very powerful.
    all year round
    Since 1991 he aim of expanding the extent of Kaunas Jazz was already explicit at that time. Later on, the Festival guests' concerts in other cities of Lithuania became an integral part of the Kaunas Jazz Festival. Every year the Kaunas Jazz Festival changes the image of the city—hundreds of cheerful people fill the city streets and halls to enjoy the sounds of jazz.
    May to Septembe
    is about to celebrating culture, diversity, and for most over – nature. Each year Yaga tries to gather many extraordinary artists to perform their unique form of self-expression. From engaging live music acts to eye-catching visual displays, festival environment transforms wild woods to a psychedelic village for the whole weekend, where so-called modern rituals take place.

    on request
    Quiet meditation hours mark the beginning of the day in the land of Masters of Calm. The day progresses with a melange of recreational activities like yoga, pilates, callanetics, active training, along with interactive sessions on healthy lifestyle, relationships, parenting, human /psychology, and conscious living.
    all year round
    Have a fun personal photo session in the nature or city with a professional photographer.
    Bring some baltic vibes home.
    all year round
    Let's select the most unique and relaxing accommodation for your lazy days. Would you prefer to find yourself totally alone in the forest or surrounded by others at the sea side? Would you like to try sleeping in the tree or enjoying luxury countryside hut? All is possible, just ceep calm and stay lazy.
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