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We believe sport should bring the peace, joy and good health

Information awaits the end of quarantine.

Sprot's events to spectate
basketball match
on request
Basketball is so much more than just a sport to Lithuanians and the moments spent watching the match alive or in the bar is a total prove. Basketball is the most beloved sport.
On request
Baltic forest is a place where the wild animals might friendly approach a human closer than expected. Come and meet our wild animals from a secure distance as well as from very close if you are lucky enough.
meeting storks' colonies
April to september
The first leg of the voyage will offer you exciting racing conditions, plenty of opportunity to put your sailing skills to the test and learn something new. Whether it is steering the ship and setting the course, hoisting the sails or sitting under the stars on a deck as you start your night watch - rich adventures will be waiting to be discovered.
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