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it's spring time!

Things to enjoy in spring
Things to know about the baltic spring
Wild herbs and greens as the local superfoods: the dandelion flowers and leaves, the nettle, tree buds, ground elder and other goods.
The royal spring gifts: fresh spring honey and the birch sap.
Nature literally goes crazy. 265 species of birds perform concerts, migration and mating dances. Trees start blooming and first wild herbs comes out. The fields will be paint bright green by cultures' springs or yellow by dandelion flowers.
Low season: Still quite passive season. There will be a couple of foreigner tourists' groups on the streets and few other travelers. You will
probably meet local schoolchildren groups. We could consider May as a slow start of touristic season.
Accessibility: we would not recommend some of natural trails and paths. Public transport in more remote touristic areas might be cut off till May.
Happy on Wheels: there might be some snow, sleet and quite much rain. Weather is still less comfortable.
City: Locals stays in the cities, but leave for the weekends more and more often. Schools and the universities are still full, the final exams await. The terraces appears on the pedestrian streets, the fresh air and warmth tempt to go out more and more...
Countryside: Go to the cultural events (theater, opera, concerts) or pubs, spend few days in the countryside, try different spa, enjoy sauna and even jump to the lake after it, pick the first wild herbs and boost your health, go hiking and biking around the cities or further – enjoy the fresh spring air!
Once a year chance to celebrate Easter (Velykos). There is no Easter without the greens on the table and the paint eggs. Learn how the eastern eggs can be paint by the wax, herbs, onion shells, scratching with knife or even using the man's tie.
See how great are our church traditions combined with some old rites.
What can be more unstable than a spring!
Day temperature 5-20°C; at night – 3-10°C.
Important to mind that spring weather is unpredictable and likes surprises: from wind to rain, from thehot sun to light snow even.
Some ice could stay on the water.

Wild Spring Treasures
Birch & Maple sap
Sap is collected in the very beginning of March, from 2 to 4 weeks when melting snow fills the roots of each awakened tree with vitamins and minerals.
A small hole is made in the trunks of healthy birch trees, then the sap starts dripping
Fresh greens
The dandelion flowers and leaves, nettle, tree buds, ground elder and other goods are called superfoods by locals. Prepare it as salad or smoothy and feel energy boosting within an hour. Get back all the elements and vitamins after the long winter.
dandelion flower
April to may
The golden spring crop much appreciated for its leaves and flowers. Eat it the salads, smoothies and omelette. The biggest traveling gourmands we encourage making so called dandelion honey (sirup) or even a dandelion wine.
Medicinal herbs
Some of the herbs are much appreciated in the early spring, whereas the roots are being picked in autumn time. However we believe that the most of medicinal herbs should be picked before the Midsummer. At least 500 plant species have been utilized as traditional remedies.

- lower prices, less tourists

- days are long, much light

- nature is alive and blooming

- active cultural life in the cities

- good season to discover locals' daily life and habits

- best time for birds and migration tracking

- unique time to try fresh birch sap and wild herbs

- authentic tradition: Easter celebration


- less touristic outdoor activities

- some sites could be closed, less transport

- temperature is unstable (0-20 °C)

- weather is unpredictable

- outdoor activities are less comfortable

- less of natural goods

- some of a intercity transport lines are taken off

I want to avoid big crowds and to safe on my travel budget
I would like to celebrate Easter with locals.
I am not afraid of the weather changes from hot to cold the same day
I want to try natural tourism adventures in any weather conditions
I am interested in the city tours combined with indoor activities
I am interested in traditional food and crafting workshops
I would like to see more of natural day to day life of locals
Do I match Baltic Spring?
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Spring Highlights Calendar
20th of March
20th of March
Spring Equinox
The astrologic spring start. The moment of the year when the length of day and night is nearly equal in all parts of the world. For the Baltic people however that is the beginning of the warm season filled with daylight.
Birch and maple sap collecting
The moment of a year when you can try fresh sap straight in the forrest. This chance last few weeks only.
April to September
April to September
Vilnius Open Kitchen, Tymo Market
Open Kitchen is an outdoor food market where different restaurants, cafes and entertainers convene at the Tymo Market near Užupis.
12th of April
12th of April
As the majority of Lithuanians are Catholics, Easter is widely celebrated. The preparation for Easter begins one week before Easter, that is called the Holy week.
14th-19th of April
14th-19th of April
Vilnius music festival Jauna Muzika (Young Music)
Festival that brings together sound art and performativity, visual art and experimental practices. It invites us to explore the multitudinous diversity of experimental music, without drawing distinctions between electronic and acoustic music.
14th-30th of April
14th-30th of April
Kaunas Jazz Festival 2020
Gregory Porter, Cécile McLorin Salvant, Sullivan Fortner and other great artists. From the streets to the biggest stages.
25th-26th of April
25th-26th of April
Open House Vilnius
An open architecture weekend where the buildings around the city that are usually closed to visitors on ordinary days open their doors to the public and host tours led by volunteer guides, building architects and their 'residents'.
26th of April
26th of April
Kaunas Marathon
The biggest international marathon of Kaunas.
Sakuras Blooming, Vilnius & Kaunas
probably the most fragile moment of a year.
one of the most exciting moment of the year
8th-10th of May
8th-10th of May
Europe Day, Vilnius
A great opportunity to experience the cultural and culinary heritages of various European countries. Concerts, discussions, and creative workshops in different venues.
16th of May
16th of May
Long Night of Museums, all Lithuania
Discover, what Lithuania's museums prepared for you this year.
16th of May
16th of May
Street Music Day
Music will flow through the streets of Vilnius the third Saturday of May. Other towns might also celebate it. Check out the talents of professional musicians, amateurs and those dreaming of the big stage.
Welcome to join in with mediaeval culture, music, dances, plays, games and crafts, as well as knights fighting in an international tournament to win a sword of the chief of the Lithuanian army....
26th-31th of May
26th-31th of May
Vilnius folk festival since 1973. One of the very few authentic festivals of folk music in Europe.
28th of May
28th of May
Kaunas Neighbour Day
Come and joinn our neighbours! Annual celebration of community, encouraging people to connect with those who live in their neighborhood.
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