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Things to enjoy in summer

Things to note about the baltic summer

Summer is very generous by wild berries, mushrooms, medicinal herbs and fish.
In June find the wild strawberries already and pick the medicinal herbs. Soon after the blueberries, raspberries and mushrooms pleases the natural goods hunters.
August is a time when blackberries and lingonberries starts. Finally the cranberries season will legally start in September, just as main mushroom crop, which last till middle autumn.
Any lake, river, lagoon and the see is the best and comfortable place for fishing.
June to July is the time when nature feels booming, still rising: lots of birds, the bright green gets mature, the main wild berries crop and mushrooms start.
After the peak of maturity from August to September, nature gets more silent and relaxing. The crickets change the birds songs.
It's the time when we start picking crop, green fields are changed by yellow.
After the storks departure day the 23th of August Lithuanians start waiting for the autumn. However the bathing, gardening and outdoor season continues.
High season: the time of a year when we think twice booking the accommodation, visiting popular touristic sites and events. Be ready to pay more, to wait in the line longer and share few square meters with someone else.
Best accessibility: the best time to access and explore the main natural sites; the biggest chances of getting public transport to get to the remote sites. However the private transport hire cost more.
Happy on Wheels: muddy natural roads could bother when it rains a lot.
City: have your lunch in the park and dinner in a nice suburb restaurant. Enjoy the open air concerts or cinema. Find the nearby forest or Vingis park for long evening walks, hiking, jogging, playing basketball, volleyball or doing yoga on the grass. On the hot days find the closest lake to bath.
Countryside: enjoy bathing to the sea/lake or kayaking on the rivers, enjoy picking wild berries and mushrooms, fishing, sunbathing or gardening. Spend few days in Palanga, Nida or Vente. Hit the summer music festivals.
Once a year chance to experience the Summer Solstice day (Rasos) or Saint Jonas Festival (Jonines). The biggest known events are held in Kernave, Rumsiskes or Vilnius. However the smaller gatherings are organized in all the country.
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Locals bring along flowers as well as wheat ears, fruits, vegetables and bread as a symbol of the new harvest. It is used to meet whole the family and relatives.
Both Holidays combines Christian and Baltic old believers traditions.
In June the temperature allows to enjoy outdoors (18-25 °C) but the nights are still chill.
It becomes warmer in July, August (18-30°C). temperature at night allows comfortable camping, swimming in the sea or lakes. September stays comfortable enough for the outdoor activities and sometimes even pleases us by the very hot days (18-30°C).
The weather is the most reliable and the least of rain is expected the second part of the summer.
Wild Summer Treasures
Delicacy and the greatest source of iron. If the year is generous and you know "that place" – few liters of wild strawberries is been picked easily. Being of a rich taste, fesh, frozen or dried – one small berry spreads it's aroma in an entire barrel.
A golden product in dark blue color among the most valuable products of the world. Very healthy for the eyes and digestion system. As for any berries we first appreciate it fresh, but dried or in preserves it delights in winter season.
Probably the first natural baltic remedy once facing flu or fever. Also great berry for the jam or cake and very tasty while fresh.
It's favorite site to flourish is freshly cut forest glade. Find one and treat yourself with vitamins A, E, C, B and antidepressants.
JULY to October
When enough of rain summer could be generous of boletus and chanterelle. Many baltic summer recipes includes them. These mushrooms is a great reason for a walk in a forest with a reward – just remember to take your pannier.
Locally known as "baltic green tea".
Fermented herb is known as Ivan chai and has long been used for colds, fatigue, urinary tract ailments, removing heavy metals from the body, improving the work of the cardiovascular system, food and alcohol poisoning.
bog bilberry
Vaivoras or girtuokle (literarly "a drunk berry") is found in the swamps and looks like a blueberry but has sweeter taste. Baltic people know this berry as a local "grape" fitting well for the wine fermenting.
Anyone keen to explore the baltic bogs for this natural delicacy?
Also known as a cowberry is very easy and joyful to pick in the forest. Because of it's acidity preferred to eat in the dish, than alone. Lingonberry-apple-pear mix in the jam, or a pure berry jam is the local top recipe for the winter.
Other bush berries
August to spring
Guelder rose, rowan, chokeberries and elderberry are mostly picked for the remedy but could nicely applied in the daly dishes. Why to take pills while we can enjoy few fresh or dried berries per day. Let's see what is prescribed to you by wild nature.
Contain a wide array of important nutrients including potassium, magnesium and calcium, as well as vitamins A, C, E and most of our B vitamins. Fresh or as a jam, however, be ready for getting into unwelcoming bushes where it hides, or if you are lucky – don't miss them on the sidewalks.
Sea buckthorn
Is on renaissance in the modern food industry. The most popular products: jam, juices, tea and seed oil. All manufactured products have health benefits. More and more food supplements and medications include sea buckthorn. If you are not in picker's mood or season – try sea buckthorn jam tea!
September to october
There was a time when the acorn powder was a substitute for coffee among poor people. It was also wildly spread during the World war causing the lack of food. Being nutritious and without caffeine acorn drink has become a tradition. Try it in restaurant or bring a box of it as a souvenir.
SEPTEMBER to spring
Rich in vitamin E, copper and manganese. Picking it could be a great fun for the adventure hunters, as we need to get to the swamps or other humid places. Cranberry is exceptional for being able to stay fresh throughout the winter kept at home or in the wild nature under the snow,

- biggest choice of any outdoor activities

- more public transport, easy to reach remote sites

- days are long, much light and sun

- nature is alive, rich of goods

- time to enjoy summer music festivals

- Summer Solstice and Assumtion celebration


- very busy season, should book in advance

- any services price is higher

- high temperature (25-30 °C)

- should be careful of ticks

- the main theaters and concerts halls are closed

- local city life is changed by touristic

Do I match Baltic Summer?
Quick checklist
I am ready to meet other tourist and ready to have bigger travel budget
I want to celebrate Summer Solstice or Assumption with locals
I prefer good weather and the comfortable temperature (18-30°C)
I am keen for the water and up in the air adventures
I am interested in the rural tourism and activities in the nature
I am interested in wild berries and mushroom picking
I am planning to travel mostly by the public transport
Summer Highlights Calendar
all summer long
all summer long
Pažaislis music festival, Kaunas.
From operas to latin rhythms in the most charming open air or closed stages as Kaunas Castle, Kaunas Lagoon park or Pazaislis Monastery.
all summer long
all summer long
Vilnius Open Kitchen, Tymo Market
Open Kitchen is an outdoor food market where different restaurants, cafes and entertainers convene at the Tymo Market near Užupis.
5th–7th of June
5th–7th of June
Kaunas folk festival „Atataria Lamzdžiai"
Feel the local traditions and folk on the streets, enjoy it with local ensembles.
Bathing in the lakes
opening season
Wild Strawberries
main season
19th of June
19th of June
Culture Night, Vilnius
Art will invade the streets, galleries and even some unexpected spaces in Vilnius once the sun sets. More than 150 music, dance, theatre, cinema, photography, modern installations and more.
20th of June
20th of June
Herb Market, Vilnius
In addition to purchasing a variety of herbs and other natural products, visitors to this traditional market can enjoy concerts, discussions, educational activities, or even have their future predicted.
23th of June
23th of June
Midsummer night Rasos or St John Feast
Celebrate Summer Solstice in the most authentic way with the communities of locals in Vilnius, Kenave, Plateliai or other places over Lithuania.
Wild blueberries and rasberries
main season
Wild summer mushrooms: boletus and chanterelle
opening season
5th of July – 6th of August
5th of July – 6th of August
Operetta in Kaunas Castle
Light music, full of fun and optimism, wonderful costumes and decorations, and the performers' professionalism have boosted the popularity. The Festival takes place on July 6 and is an outstanding highlight of the day. This event includes not only popular fragments of musicals and operettas and new pieces, never heard before.
8th of July – 5th of August
8th of July – 5th of August
Vilnius Carillion Festival
The largest carillon in Central Europe, with 61 bells in the tower of the Church of St. Apostles Philip and Jacob in Vilnius, plays a new tune during this annual festival. Plus, professional carillonists from around the world put on free shows.
9th-12th of July
9th-12th of July
Vilnius street theater festival "Spot"
Dive into this free street theatre festival by exploring urban spaces and watching a series of performances and installations in the streets and squares of the city.
July to August
July to August
Christopher Summer Festival, Vilnius
The classical music, jazz, experimental projects, and traditional works that are sure to find their way into the hearts of audiences. Let the music take you to the church vaults, under the summer sky, or into Lithuania's lovely nature.
24th July-31th of August
24th July-31th of August
Cinema under the stars, Vilnius
Grab a chair and a cup of coffee, bring your coziest blanket, and watch some Lithuanian movies, documentaries and some of the classics under the stars.
25th July
25th July
Dragon boats Festival, Siesikai
Dragon boats on the lake in front of Siesikai castle. Not only watch – join on for the competitive ride!
15th of August
15th of August
The Assumption or Zolines
The tradition is mostly marked in the rural areas as the first harvest of cerials, fruit and vegetables is sanctified. Its also the date when the family and reletives meet.
20th-23th of August
20th-23th of August
Kaunas ConTempo modern stage art festival
See how the modern art and theater meets in the streets and on the stage
21th-22th of August
21th-22th of August
St Barthlomew market, Vilnius
Step into a time machine and travel back to the Middle Ages with people dressed in Renaissance clothes, old music and crafts. Watch the craftspeople parade and the craft-making demonstrations
4th-6th of September
4th-6th of September
Vilnius City Fiesta
The festival filled with music, good food and culture. Greet the autumn season with live concerts, exceptional shows, and a fair in the heart of the city on Gediminas Avenue.
5th-6th of September
5th-6th of September
Kaunas Carillon Music Festival
The first autumn weekend Kaunas is awaken by the music of the unique Carillon bells
13th of September
13th of September
Vilnius Danske Bank Marathon
It's one of the fastest growing marathons in the Baltics and the biggest running festival in Lithuania. In 2018 the marathon counted over 15 000 participants.
22th of September
22th of September
Autumn Equinox, Vilnius & Juodkrante
For the second time in the year, night becomes as long as the day. Every year, traditional 'goat sacrifice' ceremonies take place that feature ancient music, and the light of huge straw sculptures burning illuminate the sky.
End of September
End of September
"boiling lakes"
See the fog covering the lakes at night and in the mornings. The intense moving of the fog gives the impression of "boiling lake".
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